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Mar 27, 2014

Of mothers and daughters

By Malavika Sangghv , Mid-day

“I’ve always preferred staying in the background,” said Kavita Singh, when we spoke to her yesterday. “But this store was to launch my daughter Nandini, a graduate of the Inchbald School of Design in London who has worked with me in my interior design business for many years. I wanted it to carry her name,” said the lady said to have the best taste in the city. “But she said no, every one knows you better.”

Kavita and daughter Nandini Singh

Interestingly, the launch of Kavita Singh Interiors over the weekend, saw the gathering of quite a few attractive mother-daughter duos, with Singh’s younger sister Sunita (Anil) Kapoor and her daughters Sonam and Rhea in attendance along with Waheeda Rehman and daughter Kashvi and our sister Devieka Bhojwani with our niece Ruchika.

Sonam Kapoor with Nandini Singh

And along with signature Kavita Singh items, which have long adorned the homes of India’s upper crust such as Pichwais, Kalighat paintings, Venetian mirror photo frames, silver-plated containers, candelabra, marble urlis and tea light containers , the talk of the evening was Aishwarya Nair’s delicious health food snacks at an attractive corner of the store.

Kavita Singh with younger sister Sunita Kapoor

As for Sonam, according to a guest, she was completely bowled over by her cousin and aunt’s new store. “She was constantly instagramming pictures of it all evening,” we were told