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Aug 27, 2018

A home full of rarities

By Soma Das , Mid-day

Kavita Singh Interiors

The Bandra-based Kavita Singh Interiors offers home décor and artworks. Their range includes customised Pichwai paintings (which feature gold gota borders and loops to enable the painting to be hung), handcrafted crystal chandeliers, brass and bronze objects like palki hands (used to decorate the carriages carrying a bride to her husband’s village) and Mukhalingams (used to cover Shiva Lingams).

Kavita Singh Interiors
Pichwai art and other traditional decor at Kavita Singh Interiors

They also offer old glass paintings depicting Krishna, Vishnu and other Hindu deities as well as wooden brackets (used to hold up the roofs of havelis) mounted on sleeper wood stands and carved with images.

Owner Nandini Singh explains that their products are pan-Indian: “Pichwais and glass paintings come from Rajasthan, whilst the brass items are found in Kerala and Karnataka. Some of our black and white reproduction prints of the photographs by legendary photographer Lala Deen Dayal are sourced from Hyderabad.”

Some of the challenges they face are due to the fragility of the items. Prices start from a few hundred rupees for accessories like candle votives and stainless steel lanterns, going upwards to several thousand for the glass paintings and prints.